With our expertise in industrial facilities, we offer companies complete installation and maintenance service for their electromechanical components. Whether it is the connection of a new machine, optimising the lighting of a factory, the replacement of an electromechanical system or the maintenance of the power of your facilities, our team will be able to perform all the connections and repairs needed for your equipment to be functional as soon as possible. We can also locate failures and ensure the compliance of your electrical installations.


You manage a factory and you want to increase your production? Always on the lookout for new technologies, we will offer cutting-edge solutions to help you improve efficiency. For example, we can adjust your lighting system so that it provides optimum fuel efficiency, make connections for the automation of your assembly line or maintain your power system to avoid costly breakdowns and risky overload. Feel free to use our services for all your electric needs!


Whether it is the modification of the pumping system of a water treatment plant or the installation of a new electromechanical system of filtration, les Enterprise J. Santerre is the designated expert for the achievement of efficient and sustainable infrastructure, increasing the efficiency of your business. Contact our experienced team to talk about your project.

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